Help Camp Counselors Meet the Needs of Your Child

Sending kids off to camp is fun and exciting, but as parents we still tend to worry about their well-being. After all, we’re parents…that’s what we do! This is especially true when our children have special needs. That’s why I’m […]

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The Disney Pixar movie Inside Out was an instant hit at the box office. Children, teens, adults and especial counselors are drawn to the movie’s relateable characters and life challenges. As mentioned above, counselors anticipated the release of Inside Out […]

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15+ Inside Out Toys and Books to Use in Counseling & the Classroom

Inside Out is a great movie that covers many counseling themes. Kids love movies, they don’t just love movies…they LOVE movies. Finally, us counselors have a super cute movie that can be used to teach students how to handle their […]

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20+ Counseling Themes in Inside Out

Counselors near and far have been excited for the arrival of Disney Pixar’s movie Inside Out. Disney’s movie, about a girl who is forced to leave her friends and life as she knows it behind to move across the country […]

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Prevent School Counselor and Teacher Burnout at the End of the Year

School Counselors and teachers are stretched to the max at the end of the school year. As summer break approaches, educators can find themselves mentally tapped out and questioning their ability to make it through the last 15 days with […]

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Are E-Cigarettes Safe?

Since e-cigarettes have become increasingly popular, more and more people are viewing them as a safe alternative to traditional cigarettes. Unfortunately, the misconception of e-cigarettes being safer and their sweet flavors are enticing to teenagers. Long story short, e-cigarettes are […]

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