Inside Out Toys and Books for School Counselors and Teachers

15+ Inside Out Toys and Books to Use in Counseling & the Classroom

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Inside Out Toys and Books for School Counselors and Teachers

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Inside Out is a great movie that covers many counseling themes. Kids love movies, they don’t just love movies…they LOVE movies. Finally, us counselors have a super cute movie that can be used to teach students how to handle their feelings!!!

Now that we have the magical world of Disney and Pixar in our arsenal, it’s time to hook up our offices (or classrooms) with Inside Out books and various “goodies” that will spark conversations (and fun of course!).

Since Amazon ships free with orders over $25, they are my typically my go-to when I’m looking for fun play therapy items.

Here’s are some of the things on my wish list!

The Ultimate Figurine Collection

With or without a sandtray…this set rocks! Kids can spend countless hours exploring their feelings with these guys.

Inside Out Magnet Set

I’m getting a set for work and home. I plan on putting the Great Day one on my back door so I see it every time I leave for work!


Reusable Inside Out Gift Bags (12-pack)

These would be great to store group projects in while the group is in session and then the students can take the bag, with their projects home, at the end.

Inside Out Band-Aids

At $6 a box…these are a bit out of my range for my whole classroom. But a group or individual activity on mending a broken heart would get an infusion of fun with these Inside Out Band Aids.

Large Inside Out Wall Decals

These are going on the wall in my calming corner…of course they would be just as adorable on file cabinets, bookshelves, or doors.

Anger Plush Figure

This guy is going to be my classroom counselor…what I mean by that is while he is on duty in my calm down corner, students can tell him all about what’s making them upset. You see Anger is a pro at this sort of thing. He understands…he can hang onto other people’s anger without getting hurt!

Deluxe Plus Bing Bong (he even smells like cotton candy!)

He’s going to be my class mascot! Seriously!!! We all need a friend like Bing Bong. When my kiddos need a listening ear…Bing Bong will be waiting for them in my calming area.

Plush Characters

These guys are the “basic” set of plush Characters from Inside Out. For about $20 you can get the whole set. I plan on having my students integrate these guys into their character trait writing, dialogue, personal narratives, and perspective taking.

Anger Flashlight

This is the perfect item for a play therapy room! Kids can tell about what makes their anger “turn on”, talk about how they can “turn it off” (not as easy as flipping a switch), and also how our batteries die if we leave our anger on for too long…I’m sure my kids will come up with more, but this lil’guy is a must!

 Inside Out Mood Rings

Use the rings to “put on” and “take off” different emotions. What does it look like when you wear anger, sadness, joy, etc…What does it sound like? What does it feel like?

Inside Out Duct Tape

Ahhhh, the wonders of Duck Tape! So many fun crafts, so little time!

Inside Out Erasers

These would make a perfect end of group gift…or as a play therapy prompt. I’m thinking about putting each of the erasers in an plastic Easter egg…and have my kiddos do various counseling related activities depending on which one was in their egg.

Inside Out Stickers

No need for explanation here 😉

Inside Out – So Many Feelings Doodle and Draw Activities Book

Now that I’m teaching, I’m always looking for meaningful time fillers that kids will like. 2 birds – 1 stone!


Inside Out Sadly Ever After

I have yet to read this book myself, but the reviews all say that it’s a good book to help teach kids about emotions. I’m always game to try a new book…doubly game if it’s a counseling related book!

So that’s my list (so far)! How do you plan on using the movie with your students/clients?

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If you’re looking for a fun Inside Out activity for your kiddos, check out my Inside Feelings booklet or the Inside Feelings Puzzle set.



Inside Out Puzzle Set Activity

Inside Out Puzzle Activity


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