20 Things to Say to Help an Angry Child

20 Things You Can Say to Help an Angry Child

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So what do you say to an angry child? Does it matter if the child is your client, student, or your own offspring? Do you find yourself reacting differently depending on who is in emotional distress? It really shouldn’t matter, but all too often it does. I speak from experience on this one! Every once in a while, it feels like working with 1,500 other people’s kids is easier than managing my own children…why is it any different? After all, I just said it shouldn’t matter…It all has to do with emotional investment. When we are overly invested emotionally, we take …

Make Your Anger Walk the Plank: An Anger Management Game & Free Behavior Chart

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Many of the students on my caseload have a difficult time managing their anger and making positive choices. One of my FAVORITE parts of being an elementary counselor is that I get to use fun play therapy activities to help teach new skills! Several of my kindergartners and 1st graders LOVE pirates…hmmm…sounds like a great way to increase engagement and buy-in to me! Integrating students interests into guidance lessons not only increases engagement, but it is also a great way to show that you are thoughtful about their wants/needs. You can check out Make Your Anger Walk the Plank by …

Free Anger Management Printable

Free Anger Management Printable Activity

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Anger management can be difficult for many children. Engaging students in a hands-on activity is a great way to redirect their focus. Coloring and cutting out the following Anger Gage is a productive diversion that allows the child to validate how they are feeling, as well as determine the intensity of their anger.  Typically, I try to give children as many choices as possible, but for this activity I have the students color the “pie” sections according to the color shown on each “pie”. They can color the outer rim and pointer any color they wish. This results in a …

35 Ways You Can Help An Angry Kid

35 Simple Ways You Can Help an Angry Kid

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Anger is a very common emotion. We all feel angry at different times in our lives, but did you know that anger is a secondary emotion? Anger is a mask we wear to cover an emotion that makes us feel vulnerable. Many children confuse anger with feeling powerful and in control. Take the following example: A child is left out of a game at recess. -> He/She feels lonely and rejected. Rather than continue to feel the pain of these emotions, they become angry. Their anger allows them to direct their unpleasant feelings into a feeling of power and control. …

75 Causes of Anger in Children

75 Reasons Behind Your Child’s Anger

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“I don’t know how you do it.” <- A phrase I often hear after responding to a call to help an angry child who is throwing desks across the room or displaying some other type of aggressive behavior. The answer is simple: It’s not personal. As long as care is taken to not aggravate their emotional response (i.e. confrontation, condescending attitude, sarcasm, etc.), I know that students are not mad at me. I am only seeing their reaction to something else they are experiencing. So what’s causing them to be angry? While some misbehavior may be due to negative attention …

Anger management printable

Anger Management Activity: Free Problem Solving Cards

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I work with angry kids every day I go to work (and sometimes at home with my own 3 kiddos). We all feel anger. Anger is not bad in of itself; it’s what we do when we are angry that matters. Anger is a secondary emotion that is displayed in an effort to protect the person from feeling other emotions that may be more uncomfortable or less socially acceptable. For instance, it may be easier to feel angry at someone who shared a secret rather than to feel embarrassed. This poster is a great visual aid when explaining how anger works …