Tone of Voice Class Lesson with Taylor Swift

Tone of Voice Lesson with Taylor Swift & I Prevail

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Tone of voice goes a LOOOONG way in communication. Unfortunately many children and teens have a hard time understanding that how you say something is just as important (if not more) than what you say. Teaching kids how to identify tone of voice and how it can be perceived by others is not easy. For years, I have explored tone of voice with my students by having them come up with different ways to say a single word or short phrase. Few of my favs: “okay” & “I’ll play with you” I introduce the word or phrase and then have …

Common Core Character Education and Career Prep

3 Ways to Add Character Education & Common Core to Career Prep

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Imagine today is Career Day. What do you see? I get a flash from my own elementary school memories. I can remember gazing up at the impressively dressed firefighter who towered above me and my floor-sitting cronies. I consumed all sorts of descriptive details about his death-defying feats and physically demanding routines. He was my hero, and it was awesome. That career day presentation was working, right? Well, somewhat. Something about that day was working. This hero-type figure helped me understand that being a firefighter was the ultimate realization of my far off adulthood. But there was one problem: I …

Spoonful of Sweetness Teaching Manners Common Core Counseling Lesson

Spoonful of Sweetness + Common Core = Kindness in the Classroom

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Welcome to my stop on Maria Dismondy’s Spoonful of Sweetness Blog Hop. If you are wondering who Maria Dismondy is, she is the very talented author of Spaghetti in a Hot Dog Bun, Juice Box Bully, Potato Chip Champ, and Pink Tiara Cookies for Three. You can also check out her guest blog post about spreading kindness. Spoonful of Sweetness and Other Delicious Manners is Maria Dismondy’s newest book that helps little ones (birth-Young5’s) learn positive social skills through adorable pictures and simple text. While perfect as is for little ones, the book is very adaptable for Kinders and 1st …

Elementary School Counselor Intro Free Download

Elementary School Counselor Introduction Lesson

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A new school year brings another round of School Counselor Intro lessons. Last year, I attempted to combine my meet the counselor lesson with a bullying lesson to save time but it really wasn’t effective. After trying to kill two birds with one stone, I’ve come to the belief that elementary school counselors should have a separate intro lesson. Reasons why I didn’t like combining my lessons: Too much information in too short of a time period. I felt really rushed to cover a lot of information. I know if I am feeling rushed, some of my students will feel …