School counseling needs assessments made easy with Google - Save my survey to your Google Drive!

School Counseling Needs Assessment

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This post was updated to include a shareable version of my needs assessment on 7/09/17! Conducting a school counseling needs assessment is a crucial step in running a successful counseling program. A comprehensive guidance curriculum is, well, comprehensive and you run the risk of overwhelming your staff if you survey them about every possible topic a counselors could cover. However, if you can get administrative backing to perform a comprehensive assessment, then I say go for it. (You can find examples of teacher and parent needs assessments based on ASCA’s standards and benchmarks in my school counseling binder on TPT.) …

Time Management Tips for School Counselors

Time Management Tips for School Counselors

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Welcome to Time Management Tips for School Counselors! The first installment in my new blog series for new school counselors (and seasoned veterans looking for a fresh idea or two). It is my hope that this blog series will save you time and frustration! Time management for school counselors is essential, but it’s also a bit of an oxymoron. Let’s face it…our jobs are never completely “finished,” yet we only have a set amount of time with our kiddos. It’s all too easy to feel like you’re constantly behind the 8 ball and that what we do is just “never …

Time management for school counselors - The Fine Art of Saying No

Tips for School Counselors: The Art of Saying No

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**Just to clarify…this article is not about refusing requests. Rather, it’s about finding a way to say “yes” in a way that benefits the majority in your counseling program.** School counselors are trained to help people. Students, parents, teachers, administrators, PTO members, and community organizations require our time and efforts. While it’s an honor to support others, we can’t do it all and in order to save our sanity (and meet the needs of our students), we must know how to say “no” to some requests without upsetting stakeholders. Just to clarify, “saying no” comes in many different forms. It may …


A School Counselor Friendship Lunch Bunch Linky Party

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The ever inspiring Tabitha, from Scrapbook of a School Counselor, has put together a lunch bunch linky party so we can check out what each other is doing (and hopefully grab an idea or two!) A lunch bunch may look different for different counselors, but basically a lunch bunch is a group of students who meet with the school counselor/social worker during lunch time with a specific goal in mind. Goals vary from group to group…one lunch bunch may be a one-time “meet and greet” for new or transitioning students or a 12-week social skills group. Long story short, lunch …

School counseling brochure

Free Elementary Counseling Brochure

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Promoting the elementary counseling program during the school’s open house is a vital part of connecting with students and their families. I have been really busy getting ready for our back-to-school open house. In fact, I just finished revamping my elementary counseling brochure to go along with my Meet the Counselor poster I made yesterday. I created my original when I started 8 years ago, and let’s just say it was time to freshen it up a bit! Here is the outside: And this is the inside: Now here is an editable version for you! The document is an editable …

Comprehensive Social Skills Checklist

Response to Intervention: The Ultimate Social Skills Checklist

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I have learned (the hard way) that not all social skill deficits are one & the same. In an effort to save time, I tried to have grade level social skills groups. It seemed like a good idea at the time, but once my groups got underway it became pretty clear that the children in my groups had very different skill sets. There I was, trying to save time by teaching all of my students social skills at the same time. While struggling to meet the needs of my students and keep them engaged, I had to ask myself, “Was …