Decorating Counseling Offices on the Cheap

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Decorating counseling offices can get pretty expense…fast. Especially if you’re a new school counselor or if you have offices in multiple buildings. In an effort to help out new school counselors get set up (without breaking the bank), I raided my local dollar store and made a few videos where I go over how I to use my treasures to enhance your school counseling program. *****   ***   ***** Decorating Counseling Offices Video Highlights: Add a quick punch of color with cute notebooks & office supplies. Use duct tape as a border for bulletin boards and posters. Brightly colored contact paper …

$1 Supplies for Your Counseling Office

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Are you a new school counselor? New social worker? New psychologist? Or…maybe you’re a veteran to the field, but you find your self in a situation where you need set up a new counseling office. Well, whatever the case…you’re in the right spot! I recently visited my local dollar store to show you how you can score some amazing resources for you to use. I found A TON of practical items for you to stock up on. In fact, I found so many “treasures” that I had to break the unveiling videos down into three separate videos! Videos in this series: 1. …

Tips for handling changes to your education career

How to Adjust Your Superhero Cape During Turbulent Times

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The only thing that is constant is change. These words ring just as true 1,500 years after they were first spoken by Heraclitus in ancient Greece. My love for Greek philosophy aside…my career has taken some very dramatic twist and turns over the past 3 years and I’ve had to adjust a lot to keep moving forward. Those of you in education know just how difficult it has gotten… I don’t know about you guys, but there are some days I feel like I got run over by a Semi truck and then there are days that seem like the semi driver …

Lowenstein Counseling Activities Free Ebook

Liana Lowenstein’s Counseling Activities for Children

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I am honored beyond belief to have been named “Favorite Counseling Website” by Liana Lowenstein in her November Newsletter! I’m totally blown away…I have been using Liana’s material ever since I started working with children and families (many moons ago). I first discovered Liana Lowenstein’s work when I started working as a counselor at Whaley Children Center. 85% of our residential and foster care children were victims of sexual abuse and to be frank, I had no idea how to help young children who experienced such horrible acts. That’s when a colleague lent me her copy of Paper Dolls and …

ADHD Testing Accomodations

ADHD Testing Accommodation

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Teacher Tip Tuesday is back with a few things to keep in mind when testing students with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Students with ADHD may require special consideration in testing situations. Claire, from Different Drummer Secondary English, has joined us to offer a few pointers to keep in mind while creating assessments. So tell us a little about yourself: I teach in a small school in La Canada, California. Our main purpose is to teach students who have different needs that a traditional, large classroom does not fulfill. Teachers in most public schools have to teach to so many groups …