Counselor and Educator Self-Care: Smile File

Elementary Counseling Self-Care Smile FileCounselor and educator self-care is more important now that ever. With the promise of summer break right around the corner, it’s hard to not wish we were on the beach instead of inside a stuffy classroom.

It’s during these times that we need to practice a bit of self-care and remind ourselves why we do what we do. You know that feeling at the beginning of the school year when you are all pumped and ready to go? We need a shot of that.

That’s where my smile file comes in at! When I start to lose sight of how much I love my job and how blessed I am to be involved in the lives of 1,700 students, I pull out my smile file. I can’t get past the first page without smiling.

One of the thoughtful teachers I work with had her little sweeties make me a class thank you book. Take a look and see if you could get through something like this without a smile?

Guidance lesson thank you book


elementary counseling activities guidance lesson
At least I’m full of love 😉

Do you think you could get through a whole book of those pictures without smiling? Why not create your own smile file by saving the cards, pictures, and thank you notes (I even have saved glowing emails).

Now let’s switch this up…knowing that a smile file can make us feel good and give us a mental boost. We should encourage students to create their own smile file of sorts.

Stay tuned for my next post on smile files for children!

Do you have a smile file? What do you do for a mental pick-me-up at work? (Besides chocolate 😉 )







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