Free Anger Management Printable

Free Anger Management Printable Activity

Anger management can be difficult for many children. Engaging students in a hands-on activity is a great way to redirect their focus. Coloring and cutting out the following Anger Gage is a productive diversion that allows the child to validate how they are feeling, as well as determine the intensity of their anger. 

Free Anger Management PrintableTypically, I try to give children as many choices as possible, but for this activity I have the students color the “pie” sections according to the color shown on each “pie”. They can color the outer rim and pointer any color they wish. This results in a traffic light, with the addition of orange ;), and lends its self to the analogy of a traffic signal.

Asking students, “What would it take to move from orange to yellow?” encourages children to come up with their own anger management strategies. I have found that students are able to come up with more strategies when dealing with a generalized question than when they are confronted with a specific situation.

*I should add that students on the ASD spectrum will have more difficulty when dealing with abstract concepts and should be provided with specific social situations.

When I use the Anger Gage in small groups, I have the students write/draw their answers. I then have them take turns sharing their answers. As they share the answers, I have them check their own lists for similar strategies and write down any new ideas.

If students have the same strategy, I have each of them “star” their strategy (because it’s a SUPER STAR STRATEGY!). Strategies that are not repeated by someone else gets a smiley face (So they can kiss their brains!).  Supporting repeated and novel ideas helps take the competitiveness out of the activity and builds group cohesion.

This activity has been a hit with my Young-5 kiddos all they way to my 8th graders in my self-contained emotional impairment classroom!

You can grab the free anger management printable here. You can also snag a sample of my anger management pragmatic cards here.

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  1. T Avatar

    Good idea! “Gage” is actually spelled “gauge”. 🙂

    1. Helpful Counselor Avatar

      Glad you like the idea. Have no fear! “Gage” is a variant of guage:

      1. BEAR Avatar

        yea but it doesn’t mean gauge, or “guage” as you say

        1. Heather Thomas Avatar

          Hello Bear,
          Merriam-Webster notes “gage” as a variant to “gauge”. Merriam-Webster describes “variant” as “one of two different ways to spell or say a word”.

          Thanks for visiting!

  2. Kirsten Avatar

    Thanks for the great resources!!!

  3. Raneem Hassan Avatar
    Raneem Hassan

    I used it and loved it… I added faces and sounds too

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