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The post below is filled with some of my counseling games and activities available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There is a coping skills freebie at the bottom of this post for my newsletter subscribers.

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Learning About Kind and Unkind Behavior

First up is a reproducible booklet, 5 coloring pages and 5 posters set that teaches kids about kind & unkind behavior. The posters are 300 dpi and will keep resolution when resized. You can check out the preview here.

Kindness Booklet Activity

Kindness Coloring Pages

Kindness Posters

Qualities of a Friend Bingo

Next is a bingo game to teach kids about the qualities of a true friend. The game includes 35 friendship qualities and 30 unique bingo cards. You can check out the full preview here


Teach and reinforce the qualities that make up a good friend with this bingo game!

Friendship Bingo Cards Preview

Qualities of a Friend Calling Card Previe


Coping Skills Bingo

Last, but not least is a bingo game to teach kids/teens about different ways they can cope when they are upset. The game includes 36 coping skills and 30 unique bingo cards. You can check out the full preview here.

Help kids learn a variety of coping skills with this fun bingo game!

Coping Skills Bingo Cards Preview

Coping Skills Calling Cards Preview

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Coping Skills Printable

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