Good-Bye New Year's Resolutions - Hello SMART Goals!

Forget New Year’s resolutions…Smart Goals are much more helpful!

Let’s take a look…

How do you feel about your past New Year’s resolutions? How successful have you been? Now…think about your past goals? How successful have you been? If you’re anything like me, you have achieved waaaay more goals than resolutions.

I’ve decided to give up making resolutions this year. They are too rigid. The root word “resolute” leaves no wiggle room for set-backs or other detours. The Oxford Dictionary describes resolute as “admirably determined, determined, and unwavering”.

Unwavering? Ouch! No wonder when we aren’t 100% true to our resolutions we feel as though we have failed.

Now let’s take a look at setting goals. According to the Oxford Dictionary the word “goal” is described as “the object of a person’s ambition or effort; an aim or desired result”.

Whew! I feel better already.

The learning process for me is more like an evolving path…”unwavering” doesn’t work for me when I’m learning something new. Heck, I think I’ve learned the most through some of the mistakes I have made!

I’m more of a goals oriented person. Goals allow a little “wavering ” room that can actually strengthen personal growth. Hitting road blocks, while pursuing a goal, allows us to practice our critical thinking skills and develop new practices.

Hitting a road block to a New Year’s resolutions feels more like ankle weights while treading the deep end of the pool. 🙁

Have I won you over to goals over resolutions yet? Okay, let’s go a step further and focus on SMART goals.

SMART goals provide a great format to plan out obtainable goals. Here’s a great infographic that walks you through the SMART Goal process:

Creating SMART goals
                                                                      Credits: Visually.
Looking a helpful SMART goals printable?
I made two printables to help guide my students along the SMART goals process. You can grab them by clicking on the images below.
New year resolutions SMART Goals Free download printable
New Year SMART Goal Free Printable The Helpful Counselor
I hope SMART goals will lead you forward into a productive and satisfying year!
Best Wishes Always,