Ideas for National School Counseling Week

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National School Counseling Week is upon us!

What National School Counseling Week means and looks like is very different among school counselors nationwide.

Some administrators and teachers use this week to show appreciation to their school counselors for all of their hard work. While this is absolutely lovely, the fact is that this week is much better spent getting the word out about your school counseling program!

Below you will find links to a ton of different ideas to celebrate AND educate. 🙂

Check out the American School Counseling Association’s photo challenge!

National School Counseling Week Photo Challenge

The ASCA also has a handy pdf of suggested activities. You can find it here.

There’s some great ideas (with printables!!!) over at Exploring School Counseling!

Ideas for National School Counseling Week

Here’s a great article, from Edutopia, to share with administrators about the best way to use school counselors to maximize their impact!

Honestly, I think advocating for your school counseling program is the best use of National School Counseling Week. For those of you who are familiar with my blog will know that I’m a big believer in having your principal’s and other administrators support.

Here’s another great list of ideas to celebrate National School Counseling Week by the Indiana School Counseling Association.

Help principals maximize their school counselor

Get the word out about your school counseling program:

Create a school counseling brochure!

Editable Elementary Counseling Brochure

Advertise your services with a bulletin board!

Elementary Counselor Back to School Open House

What do you do to promote your school counseling program? Share in the comments below!