A School Counselor Friendship Lunch Bunch Linky Party

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The ever inspiring Tabitha, from Scrapbook of a School Counselor, has put together a lunch bunch linky party so we can check out what each other is doing (and hopefully grab an idea or two!) A lunch bunch may look different for different counselors, but basically a lunch bunch is a group of students who meet with the school counselor/social worker during lunch time with a specific goal in mind. Goals vary from group to group…one lunch bunch may be a one-time “meet and greet” for new or transitioning students or a 12-week social skills group. Long story short, lunch …

How to help kids who are bullied - elementary counseling

4 Things Your Tween Needs to Know to Stay Strong in the Face of Bullying

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Bullying and relational aggression are topics that are very near and dear to my heart. That is why I am super excited to have Signe Whitson, author and national presenter on the subject of bullying, as a guest blogger! Without further delay, here is Signe’s article: The school year is in full swing.  Just when you expect your tween to step off the bus focused on vocabulary tests and long division, it turns out that what truly dominates his or her mind after a full day of class isn’t rigorous academics, but rather rancorous peer relationships.  In the early years …

My Secret Bully Lesson Plan Activities

My Secret Bully Lesson Plan Activities

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I am super excited to release the first in a series of bullying activities that complement Trudy Ludwig’s bullying books! Readers of The Helpful Counselor know that My Secret Bully is one of my favorite bullying books, heck…I’ve even named Trudy as one of my favorite counseling resources! I’m looking forward to using most of the bullying activities during my small friendship groups, but I definitely plan on using the Friendship Bullying Survey with any 3rd-5th-grade classes. Gotta love data collection! The pack of activities contains 6 bullying activities that can be used with or without My Secret Bully. Although, …

Bullying Relational Aggression- How to end the on-again off-again friendship cycle

Relational Aggression: How to End the On-Again Off-Again Friendship Cycle

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Welcome to the 4th installment of my blog series on relational aggression. If you missed the first post and want to start at the beginning, you can find it here. In an earlier post, I mentioned that relational aggression can occur between close friends. This type of bullying can be confusing for children to understand. Why Kids Overlook Mean Friendship Behavior They think of bullies as the stereotype “Mean Mike” who takes your lunch money and threatens to beat you up if you don’t let him copy your homework. They have a sense of loyalty because they have been friends for several …

Bullying Relational Aggression - Identifying relational aggression elementary counselor

Relational Aggression: How to Spot Friendship Bullying

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Welcome to my series on girl drama relational aggression. In this post, we will take a look at the definition of relational aggression and how to tell when it is happening. As I stated, in my first post about relational aggression, relational aggression is a type of bullying that causes harm within a relationship. The types of relationships can vary greatly; relational aggression can occur between best friends or between two kids that attend the same school. In either case, it’s the same situation. Relational aggression is an imbalance in perceived power is used to manipulate someone or make them feel excluded …

29 Bullying Prevention Book Recommendations

29 Books to End Bullying

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Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit optimistic with my title. Unfortunately, it will take more than a book (or 29) to end bullying. In an aggression and violence rich society that uses material wealth and beauty as a sign of success and happiness, we need to reorient ourselves to the value of each individual regardless of any factors or variables. Am I still being optimistic? Definitely. However, I believe that we can all work to create environments that are supportive and inclusive for all students. Books are an excellent resource to spread our message!           …