20 Things You Can Say to Help an Angry Child

20 Things to Say to Help an Angry Child

So what do you say to an angry child? Does it matter if the child is your client, student, or your own offspring? Do you find yourself reacting differently depending on who is in emotional distress? It really shouldn’t matter, but all too often it does. I speak from experience on this one! Every once in a while, it feels like working with 1,500 other people’s kids is easier than managing my own children…why is it any different? After all, I just said it shouldn’t matter…It all has to do with emotional investment. When we are overly invested emotionally, we take …


New Counseling Games and Activities + Coping Skills Freebie


The post below is filled with some of my counseling games and activities available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There is a coping skills freebie at the bottom of this post for my newsletter subscribers. Not on the list? Just pop your email in and the download will be sent to your inbox! Learning About Kind and Unkind Behavior First up is a reproducible booklet, 5 coloring pages and 5 posters set that teaches kids about kind & unkind behavior. The posters are 300 dpi and will keep resolution when resized. You can check out the preview here. Qualities …


Counseling, Coping Skills, and Crocheting: OH MY!

Counseling Coping Skills and Crocheting Oh My Guest Blog Post

How are you with practicing self-care? Do you take the time to recharge your batteries or do you give and give until you pass out from sheer exhaustion? People who take care of others are sometimes the worst practitioners of self-care. We get into the business of helping others but then we tend to forget that we need to be cared for as well. I speak from personal experience. I know I need to take care of myself…I know I need to make time for myself…I know this, yet it doesn’t always happen. That’s why I was really excited to …


18 Coping Skills: Strategies for Children and Teens

18 easy coping skills for kids and teens

Coping skills have been a pretty popular topic for discussion over on The Helpful Counselor Facebook Page. So many great ideas were shared that I thought it would be a good to write a coping skills blog post to have them in one place. 🙂 Here are some of the great coping skill strategies (in no particular order): #1 Homemade Stress Balls (w/Playdough): During my counselor training, I was told that you should never ask your students to do something that you have never tried yourself. This is very sound advice as it allows you to work out kinks and …


20 Tips to Reduce School Anxiety

20 Tips to Reduce School Anxiety

Tears, screaming, kids running for the door…yup, it’s the beginning of a new school year! So what can you do to reduce school anxiety and help your students transition more smoothly into the new school year? To answer this question I am borrowing from the Circle of Courage philosophy I used when I worked at Whaley Children’s Center. Children in the foster care system tend to go through many transitions and the Circle of Courage framework helps reduce anxiety and ease the transition process. You can see how I use the framework from The Circle of Courage below. If you …


35 Simple Ways You Can Help an Angry Kid

35 Ways You Can Help An Angry Kid

Anger is a very common emotion. We all feel angry at different times in our lives, but did you know that anger is a secondary emotion? Anger is a mask we wear to cover an emotion that makes us feel vulnerable. Many children confuse anger with feeling powerful and in control. Take the following example: A child is left out of a game at recess. -> He/She feels lonely and rejected. Rather than continue to feel the pain of these emotions, they become angry. Their anger allows them to direct their unpleasant feelings into a feeling of power and control. …