29 Bullying Prevention Book Recommendations

29 Books to End Bullying

Heather Thomas School Counseling 3 Comments

Okay, so maybe I’m being a bit optimistic with my title. Unfortunately, it will take more than a book (or 29) to end bullying. In an aggression and violence rich society that uses material wealth and beauty as a sign of success and happiness, we need to reorient ourselves to the value of each individual regardless of any factors or variables. Am I still being optimistic? Definitely. However, I believe that we can all work to create environments that are supportive and inclusive for all students. Books are an excellent resource to spread our message!           …

Pet Death Coloring Page for Grieving Children Freebie

Dealing with Grief – Grieving Child: Pet Death Activity

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Many children experience grief for the first time when their pet dies. Regardless if the pet was a 12 year-old¬† family dog or a goldfish, they won at the carnival last month, children dealing with grief experience¬† grief just as intensely as they would if it was a “human” family member. While I sincerely wish that I had the time to work with students who are mourning the loss of a pet, the reality is that covering three buildings requires me to prioritize my time and I am only able to see a student who is grieving their pet once …