Fun Ways to Welcome New Students

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Welcoming new students to our schools is one of the things school counselors should do during the first few weeks of school. Leaving old friends and familiar surroundings can make students feel alone and isolated. Typically, meeting a new friend (or two) and learning the procedures and layout of the building can do wonders to ease anxiety and help their transition. Meeting with your new students in a small group setting is extremely helpful in getting the biggest bang for your time…in terms of time. -> You can meet with multiple kids at once and they get to meet other …


Ideas for National School Counseling Week

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National School Counseling Week is upon us! What National School Counseling Week means and looks like is very different among school counselors nationwide. Some administrators and teachers use this week to show appreciation to their school counselors for all of their hard work. While this is absolutely lovely, the fact is that this week is much better spent getting the word out about your school counseling program! Below you will find links to a ton of different ideas to celebrate AND educate. ūüôā Check out the¬†American School Counseling Association’s photo challenge! The ASCA also has a handy pdf of suggested …

Tips for handling changes to your education career

How to Adjust Your Superhero Cape During Turbulent Times

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The only thing that is constant is change. These words ring just as true 1,500 years after they were first spoken by¬†Heraclitus¬†in ancient Greece. My love for Greek philosophy aside…my career has taken some very dramatic twist and turns over the past 3 years and I’ve had to adjust a lot to keep moving forward. Those of you in education know just how difficult it has gotten… I don’t know about you guys, but there are some days I feel like I got run over by a Semi truck and then there are days that seem like the semi driver …


New Counseling Games and Activities + Coping Skills Freebie

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The post below is filled with some of my counseling games and activities available in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. There is a coping skills freebie at the bottom of this post for my newsletter subscribers. Not on the list? Just pop your email in and the download will be sent to your inbox! Learning About Kind and Unkind Behavior First up is a reproducible booklet, 5 coloring pages and 5 posters set that teaches kids about kind & unkind behavior. The posters are 300 dpi and will keep resolution when resized. You can check out the preview here. Qualities …

Common Core Character Education and Career Prep

3 Ways to Add Character Education & Common Core to Career Prep

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Imagine today is Career Day. What do you see? I get a flash from my own elementary school memories. I can remember gazing up at the impressively dressed firefighter who towered above me and my floor-sitting cronies. I consumed all sorts of descriptive details about his death-defying feats and physically demanding routines. He was my hero, and it was awesome. That career day presentation was working, right? Well, somewhat. Something about that day was working. This hero-type figure helped me understand that being a firefighter was the ultimate realization of my far off adulthood. But there was one problem: I …

Make Your Anger Walk the Plank: An Anger Management Game & Free Behavior Chart

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Many of the students on my caseload have a difficult time managing their anger and making positive choices. One of my FAVORITE parts of being an elementary counselor is that I get to use fun play therapy activities to help teach new skills! Several of my kindergartners and 1st graders LOVE pirates…hmmm…sounds like a great way to increase engagement and buy-in to me! Integrating students interests into guidance lessons not only increases engagement, but it is also a great way to show that you are thoughtful about their wants/needs. You can check out Make Your Anger Walk the Plank by …