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Help Camp Counselors Meet the Needs of Your Child

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Sending kids off to camp is fun and exciting, but as parents we still tend to worry about their well-being. After all, we’re parents…that’s what we do! This is especially true when our children have special needs. That’s why I’m super excited to share this post written by the fabulous Robyn from Mental Phils to share her experience! Take it away Robyn! *** Last summer, I thought, “Summer’s here and that means another round of college-aged camp counselors that have no clue what Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD) is.” You see, I’ve found they often associate the diagnosis mild Autism with …

tips to reduce stress and substance abuse

5 Tips to Guide Your Child to a Satisfying Career (& Reduce Substance Abuse)

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The link between stress and substance abuse is overwhelming. Given that work is one of the biggest sources of stress, it follows that people who enjoy their job are less likely to experience work related stress. With all of that being said, I have to believe that finding the ideal job can reduce stress and therefore reduce the “stress risk factor” for substance abuse. My guest author, Alicia Lawrence , shares several tips below to help support children and teens into a career that matches their likes, interests, and skill set. How to Help Kids Choose a Good Career As parents …

How to help kids who are bullied - elementary counseling

4 Things Your Tween Needs to Know to Stay Strong in the Face of Bullying

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Bullying and relational aggression are topics that are very near and dear to my heart. That is why I am super excited to have Signe Whitson, author and national presenter on the subject of bullying, as a guest blogger! Without further delay, here is Signe’s article: The school year is in full swing.  Just when you expect your tween to step off the bus focused on vocabulary tests and long division, it turns out that what truly dominates his or her mind after a full day of class isn’t rigorous academics, but rather rancorous peer relationships.  In the early years …

Free Learning Resources to Prevent the Summer Slide

Free Summer Learning Resources to Prevent the Summer Slide

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Although this time of year is EXTREMELY hectic for educators, we can’t help but worry about the “summer slide” and how much our students will retain/learn over the summer. This post is a collection of easily accessible resources that can help improve retention and reduce the summer slide. Educational Websites: Here is the list I shared with the elementary teachers in my school district. You can grab your own copy here or by clicking on the image above. **Please leave a comment if you find my free printable helpful. Your comments encourage me to make more freebies and lets me …

75 Causes of Anger in Children

75 Reasons Behind Your Child’s Anger

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“I don’t know how you do it.” <- A phrase I often hear after responding to a call to help an angry child who is throwing desks across the room or displaying some other type of aggressive behavior. The answer is simple: It’s not personal. As long as care is taken to not aggravate their emotional response (i.e. confrontation, condescending attitude, sarcasm, etc.), I know that students are not mad at me. I am only seeing their reaction to something else they are experiencing. So what’s causing them to be angry? While some misbehavior may be due to negative attention …