Teaching children manners coloring page freebie

Manners Matter: Fun Freebie to Encourage Kind Words

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During a recent group session, I heard, “Mrs. Thomas, do you know what a fox says?” immediately followed by a chorus of “ring ding ding da ding ding ding” or something to that effect… It didn’t take my kiddos long to realize that I needed to be caught up to speed. “Mrs. Thomas you need to watch the fox song on Youtube.” Ummm…ok… Honestly, I don’t get it. Maybe it’s a generational thing…However, given the way my students lit up just by the mention of the song I felt that I might be able to use their delight in the …

Positive Behavior Support – International Baccalaureate Style

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Catching students in the act of doing good deeds is an essential part of any positive behavior support (PBS) program. As a school counselor, I love seeing my students take action using the information from my classroom guidance lessons. Imagine how excited I was when I saw some of my 2nd graders in the hall working out an anti-bully skit in the morning and in the afternoon when I discovered some of my 4th graders making anti-bully posters? Yup! That’s the sweet spot!!! If only I could bottle that feeling up and whip it out during staff meetings… My school …