What school counselors should do before school starts

What School Counselors Should Do Before School Starts

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*Updated Post* This post contains affiliate links. Back-to-school season has always been an exciting time for me. My new school supplies and new schedule seemed like an invitation to endless possibilities. I’m still a sucker for new office supplies, but as a school counselor we can’t wait for opportunities. We need to make every minute count. As with almost anything else, preparation is key to success. I’m not gonna lie. We do a lot and by a lot…I mean EVERYTHING. Everything that has to do with social, emotional, behavioral development. This is in addition to anything & everything that can …

13 Reasons Why Schools Need Counselors

13 Reasons Why Schools Need Counselors

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School counselors are cringing nationwide as they watch Mr. Porter, the counselor in the book and Netflix series 13 Reasons Why, fumble through his role as the school counselor at Liberty High. Time and time again, Mr. Porter failed those who came to him for help. Now I get that characters need to act a certain way in order to further the storyline. They do things that don’t make sense, like investigate spooky¬†noises by themselves in the middle of the night or camp out in haunted forests. It’s ridiculous behavior. I argue that Mr. Porter’s behavior was even MORE ridiculous…primarily …


School Counselor Must-Dos for the New School Year

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The first few weeks of school is critical for school counselors for setting up their school counseling program. Luckily, there are several things we can do to ensure a smooth transition into the school year. In addition, you will be able to reap the benefits of the tips below throughout the school year. So, without further delay here are my tips for setting yourself up for a productive and effective school year: Check In On Caseload Kids & Their Parents Don’t wait for an issue to pop up before seeing your students. Getting a little “face time” and building on …


Ideas for National School Counseling Week

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National School Counseling Week is upon us! What National School Counseling Week means and looks like is very different among school counselors nationwide. Some administrators and teachers use this week to show appreciation to their school counselors for all of their hard work. While this is absolutely lovely, the fact is that this week is much better spent getting the word out about your school counseling program! Below you will find links to a ton of different ideas to celebrate AND educate. ūüôā Check out the¬†American School Counseling Association’s photo challenge! The ASCA also has a handy pdf of suggested …

Tips for handling changes to your education career

How to Adjust Your Superhero Cape During Turbulent Times

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The only thing that is constant is change. These words ring just as true 1,500 years after they were first spoken by¬†Heraclitus¬†in ancient Greece. My love for Greek philosophy aside…my career has taken some very dramatic twist and turns over the past 3 years and I’ve had to adjust a lot to keep moving forward. Those of you in education know just how difficult it has gotten… I don’t know about you guys, but there are some days I feel like I got run over by a Semi truck and then there are days that seem like the semi driver …

Hey school counselors! Do these 10 things in the spring to prepare you for next school year!

10 Things School Counselors Can Do Now to Prepare for Next Year

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School counselors are pulled in multiple directions throughout the school year. As the end of the year approaches, it can be very tempting to shove all of your unfiled notes and documents into the far reaches of your desk or in exchange for fun in the sun. Yes, summer break is a perk (of the job) that I look forward to every year. But I’ve learned the hard way that an ounce of prevention is worth (far more) than a pound of cure. Putting things off today to do tomorrow doesn’t work in the field of school counseling. The promise …