Bullying Relational Aggression- How to end the on-again off-again friendship cycle

Relational Aggression: How to End the On-Again Off-Again Friendship Cycle

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Welcome to the 4th installment of my blog series on relational aggression. If you missed the first post and want to start at the beginning, you can find it here. In an¬†earlier post, I mentioned that relational aggression can occur between close friends. This type of bullying can be confusing for children to understand. Why Kids Overlook Mean Friendship Behavior They think of bullies as the¬†stereotype “Mean Mike” who takes your lunch money and threatens to beat you up if you don’t let him copy your homework. They have a sense of loyalty because they have been friends for several …

75 Causes of Anger in Children

75 Reasons Behind Your Child’s Anger

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“I don’t know how you do it.” <- A phrase I often hear after responding to a call to help an angry child who is throwing desks across the room or displaying some other type of aggressive behavior. The answer is simple: It’s not personal. As long as care is taken to not aggravate their emotional response (i.e. confrontation, condescending attitude, sarcasm, etc.), I know that students are not mad at me. I am only seeing their reaction to something else they are experiencing. So what’s causing them to be angry? While some misbehavior may be due to negative attention …