Band-Aid Chicken Lesson Plans

The Bandaid Chicken: Bystanders Can Beat Bullying Lesson Plan Ideas

Band-Aid Chicken Lesson PlansThe Band-Aid Chicken is one of my all-time favorite books to use when I visit my 2nd grade classrooms for my bullying presentations. The story is a tale of a chicken that had the courage to stand up to others and end the cycle of picking on one another.

Students love to hear about the courageous chicken who had the courage to stand up to bullying behavior. The Band-Aid Chicken starts off as the new chicken in the coup. Just like in real life, the chickens in the book start peaking on the new chicken to show who’s in charge.

I like using the template for a paper-bag style chicken puppet (included in the book) during my small group sessions. After we read the book and make our own Band-Aid Chickens, we are left with a very inspiring ambassador for standing up for yourself and others when bullying occurs.

I don’t usually have enough time in the classrooms to complete the puppet project, but I do work in the Pledge to Not Pick on Others at the end of the book. To challenge my students to take action beyond the book and signing the pledge, I have them write on the pledge where they will stand up for others.

Building a class list of places to take a stand against bullying is a great way to discuss the different places bullying can occur. It’s important to point out that bullies don’t bullying other kids in front of the teacher the bully others when adults are not around.

If you are visiting a 2nd grade classroom at the beginning of the year, I highly recommend writing the class list of places to stand up against bullying to help students with emergent writing skills.

Here are a few discussion topics/questions:

  • What learn learner profile (International Baccalaureate character traits) did the Band-Aid Chicken show?
  • How do you think the Band-Aid Chicken felt?
  • How do you think the newest chicken felt?
  • How many of you know what it’s like to be new?
  • How would it feel if someone picked on your/stood up for you?
  • Have you ever been in a situation where you wished someone would have acted like the Band-Aid Chicken?
  • Where in our school would it be good to have someone like the Band-Aid Chicken?
  • What would our school be like if everyone acted like the Band-Aid Chicken?
  • How can you be more like the Band-Aid Chicken?

If you’re looking for another idea to use with the Band-Aid Chicken, the Counseling-Corner has a cool worksheet that helps take learning one step further with the Ban Mean Words and Actions Activity.

If you don’t have a copy of the Band-Aid Chicken but would still like to have a class pledge against bullying, check out my free Anti-Bullying Pledge in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. The pledge was a recent newsletter freebie. Make sure you sign-up for my newsletter so you do not miss out on future freebies and articles!

Bullying Pledge Freebie Preview



Do you use The Band-Aid Chicken? What activities do you use?





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