Tone of Voice Lesson with Taylor Swift & I Prevail

Tone of Voice Class Lesson with Taylor Swift

Tone of voice goes a LOOOONG way in communication.

Unfortunately many children and teens have a hard time understanding that how you say something is just as important (if not more) than what you say.

Teaching kids how to identify tone of voice and how it can be perceived by others is not easy.

For years, I have explored tone of voice with my students by having them come up with different ways to say a single word or short phrase.

Few of my favs: “okay” & “I’ll play with you”

I introduce the word or phrase and then have a few students say it with a “different voice”.  As students say the word/phrase in different ways, I moderate class discussion so that the students can identify how the different “tone” made them feel. These responses are then recorded on a dry erase board for the latter part of the lesson.

***Silly responses are helpful in prompting discussions about when & where silliness belongs, but try challenge your students to come up with types of “voices/tones” that haven’t been used. Using feeling cards with pictures on them is a great way to keep the group directed.

After we’ve covered a variety of feelings, I show the class two different versions of the music video Blank Space.


I top the lesson off by having students fill out a Venn Diagram to differentiate the two musical performances.

There you go…an easy-peasy lesson your students will be sure to remember!

I would love to hear how this lesson went in your classroom or how you teach tone of voice in the comments below!


2 responses to “Tone of Voice Lesson with Taylor Swift & I Prevail”

  1. Laughing Leopard Press Avatar

    What a creative way to address a somewhat abstract, but important lesson! Love it!

    1. Heather Avatar

      I’m glad you like it…my students really enjoy and “get it” too!

      Best wishes,

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