20+ Inside Out Video Clips

20+ Inside Out Clips to Help Teach Children About Feelings

Disney’s Inside Out, is great for exploring themes in counseling. My students are able to relate to the adorable characters and make connections to their own lives.

While I love the movie, using the collection of video clips below or Inside Out toys and books can be just as effective.

In counting the videos below you will notice that I currently only have 20 Inside Out video clips. I will add to this post as more become available…hence the 20+

World Premiere Inside Out Trailer 2

Inside Out UK Trailer 2

Disney Pixar Feelings – Introduction to Inside Out

Explore Specific Feelings

Meet Sadness

Get to Know Your “Inside Out” Emotions: Sadness

Meet Fear

Get to Know Your “Inside Out” Emotions: Fear

Meet Disgust

Get to Know Your “Inside Out” Emotions: Disgust


Meet Anger

Get to Know Your “Inside Out” Emotions: Anger

Meet Joy

Get to Know Your “Inside Out” Emotions: Joy

Just Like Joy

Broccoli on pizza and the first day at a new school are great prompts to discuss disappointment and coping skills!


First Day

In Touch Teacher – First Day

Children have a hard time empathizing with others and understanding that other people have different feelings than their own. This Inside Out clip is give a sneak peek into the mind of Riley’s new teacher. (How much longer till summer break?!)


An introduction of how our memories add up and make us who we are.

Riley’s Memories

Riley’s memories are collected and stored in either long-term memory storage or they become a core memory. Identifying core memories is crucial in understanding how we view the world around us. By identifying our core memories, we are then able to challenge negative thought patterns and start creating more pleasant memories.

Lava Clip

This Pixar short had me teary-eyed before the movie even started. We have all experienced loneliness, disappointment and despair, as well as belonging and joy which makes this so heartfelt.

I hope you find this list of Inside Out video clips helpful as you teach children about their emotions and coping skills! You can find a variety of games and activities for feelings and coping skills in my Teachers Pay Teachers shop. 🙂

If you’re looking for a fun Inside Out activity for your kiddos, check out my Inside Feelings booklet or the Inside Feelings Puzzle set.

Inside Out counseling booklet

Inside Out Feelings Puzzle


I would love to hear what you thought about the movie and how you plan on using it with your kiddos in the comments below!





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