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Liana Lowenstein’s Counseling Activities for Children

I am honored beyond belief to have been named “Favorite Counseling Website” by Liana Lowenstein in her November Newsletter! I’m totally blown away…I have been using Liana’s material ever since I started working with children and families (many moons ago).

I first discovered Liana Lowenstein’s work when I started working as a counselor at Whaley Children Center. 85% of our residential and foster care children were victims of sexual abuse and to be frank, I had no idea how to help young children who experienced such horrible acts. That’s when a colleague lent me her copy of Paper Dolls and Airplanes by Lowenstein.

Counseling Activities for Sexually Traumatized Children - Liana Lowenstein

Paper Dolls and Airplanes was a Godsend at the time and it is still a frequently used resource in my collection. The activities are a mix of play therapy and cognitive behavioral therapy and are easily adaptable to suit the needs of your client. (I recommend that school counselors refer abused children to outside counseling services.)

But school counselors and clinicians alike can find a lot of great activities in Creative Interventions for Troubled Youth, More Interventions for Troubled Youth, Interventions for Children of Divorce, and Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children.

Counseling Activities - Creative Interventions for Bereaved Children - Liana Lowenstein

Counseling Activities - Creative Interventions for Children of Divorce - Liana LowensteinCounseling Activities Creative Interventions for Troubled Children and Youth

My all-time favorite activity in Lowenstein’s books is a “sticker survey” (my students like it too!). The survey consists of several statements in which the student puts a sticker by the statement if they agree with it.

I take it one step further and have the student rate each statement with up to four stickers if they really agree with the statement and only one sticker if they kind of agree with it.

They also get to draw a line through any statements that don’t apply to them. A lot of my students find comfort in seeing all of the things that “don’t bother them” or that “they don’t have to worry about”.

After they’ve finished the survey, I ask them about their response and use the answers to develop goals and identify interventions. (There are grief and divorce versions of the sticker survey in the themed resources. 🙂 )

If you would like to get a feel for the kind of activities you will find in Lowenstein’s books, check out her free ebook here.  PRETTY AWESOME, RIGHT?

Make sure you subscribe to her newsletter and visit her website to discover great resources and helpful articles.

Lowenstein has created a new “Cory Series”. The Cory series of books follows a child named Cory who has experienced the topic that is presented in the book. As Cory’s story is shared in the book, children are invited to talk, draw, and participate in activities.

I was pretty excited to check out one of her recent publications:   Cory Helps Kids Cope with Divorce

Divorce Counseling Activity Book - Cory Helps Kids with Divorce

Cory Helps Kids Cope with Divorce has a well-scripted story along with games and art activities to help young children process their thoughts and feelings associated with the divorce.

Cory Helps Kids Cope with Divorce also has helpful handouts for parents.

Lowenstein’s newest addition is a great addition to both private practice and school counseling bookshelves!






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  1. Yolanda Fields Avatar
    Yolanda Fields

    These examples have been very helpful for me working with children.

    1. Heather Avatar

      Great! Glad to hear it and thanks for sharing. I love to hear about what is working from other counselors. 🙂

      Best Wishes,

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