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Counselors on Teachers Pay Teachers Blog Hop

Are you tired of spending $20-$30 on a book of counseling activities and only finding half a dozen (if you’re lucky) activities you will actually use?

There’s a cure for that: Teachers Pay Teachers (TPT). On TPT you can find practical counseling activities that have been created by certified school counselors.

The thing I really appreciate about TPT is that most of the products have a preview that allows you to see exactly what you are getting before you spend a penny and you know how much us counselors like to save our pennies!

The freebies on TPT caught my attention, but the generosity of the members inspired me to share some of my activities on TPT. After the first few downloads, I was hooked and started The Helpful Counselor on Teachers Pay Teachers.

TPT School Counselor The Helpful Counselor

I have a variety of activities to help students learn how to handle bullies, manage friendships, and learn about feelings. You can check out my products by clicking on the text links or the images below. 🙂

I also have several freebies in my TPT store:

TPT School Counselor Blog Hop The Helpful Counselor Freebies





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  1. onestopcounselingshop Avatar

    Here’s my new link. The old one isn’t working. Sorry!

    One-Stop Counseling Shop

  2. Sunny Sunshine Avatar

    I love TpT!! 🙂

    1. Heather Avatar

      So do I! 🙂

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