Online Professional Learning Communities for School Counselors

As the only elementary school counselor in my district, traveling between three buildings, it is really hard to not take on the “lone wolf” mentality. Even though teachers and administrators are there to support our students’ emotional, social, and behavioral development, let’s face it…it’s not the same as talk’n shop with other counselors.

Andrea from JYJoyner Counselor Blog, mentions many of the benefits of connecting with other counselors through social media in her post Flying Solo? You are not alone.

As soon as I read the post title, I got the overwhelming urge to sing some MJ:

So the video may not have much to do with school counseling, but the idea of not being out there all by one’s self is extremely powerful.

If you haven’t already jumped into the professional learning communities available through social media, I strongly suggest that you take the plunge!

There are a ton of fabulous counselors out there willing to share their ideas and favorite resources.

Facebook Groups:

Facebook groups are great! My favorite Facebook Groups are like virtual teachers’ lounges filled with counselors.


Twitter Chats and Hashtags:

Twitter Chats are a great way to discuss specific topics with fellow counselors on Twitter. You can also use the hashtags #scchat , #escchat, and #sccrowd to find school counseling related tweets. Just type the hashtag in Twitter’s search feature and voila!

For those of you who would like to participate, #scchat is held on the first Tuesday of the month 8pm EST and the #escchat takes place every Thursday 8pm EST.

I get to host my first #scchat in April. The topic will be Positive Behavior Supports and Behavior Modification…can’t wait! Follow me on Twitter @helpfulcounsel to stay posted!


I *heart* Instagram! As a very visual person, Instagram is a great way to share ideas and connect with other counselors! I’m @thehelpfulcounselor on Instagram & I would love to see more counselors on there!


Ah…Pinterest IS the Mac Daddy of sharing ideas through visual images! I am still floored when my teaching/counseling friends say that they don’t use Pinterest.

Trust me, the learning curve is minimal (even for the most anti-tech person) but it sooo worth it.

Join me in all things school counseling on Twitter and follow my TPT store to receive updates on freebies and fun counseling activities! You can also find me (lots of counseling goodness) on the web: Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.

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3 responses to “Online Professional Learning Communities for School Counselors”

  1. Brittni Avatar

    Good Morning,

    I am a student at Arizona State University and I am working towards a degree in Educational Studies and will eventually get my masters in Social work to become a school counselor. I really enjoyed looking through your recommended sites for professional development communities. I was curious if you had any others that you find helpful for people who are starting out in this profession?

    Thank you

    1. Heather Avatar

      Hello Brittni!

      The FB groups I mentioned are the best ones I have found on the internet, although I’m always up for suggestions. 🙂

      Do you want to be a school counselor or social worker? There is a pretty big difference in programing. Feel free to hit me up if you have any more questions.

      Best wishes,

  2. Ashley Avatar

    The online social networking options and groups about online education, the facebook group, the twitter groups and many other groups are the places where many of the students and teachers, parents can clear out their doubts without approaching any school counselors. I usually attend the forums in discussing about homeschooling i found it really useful for me to clear out my doubts and know more about homeschooling. Thank you for sharing a great blog and sharing your views on the community and the groups.

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