Top 16 Posts for 2016

The end of the year is a great time to reflect on the highlights of the past 12 months!

2016 was a great year in so many respects…one of my favorite highlights for The Helpful Counselor is that over 500,000 NEW readers stopped by for a visit…Can you believe it? I even did a double take…What an honor! You guys seriously rock.

It really is amazing! I went from being the “lone wolf” counselor in a rural school district to having a network of counselors all over the world….if you’re not already part of that super awesome network -> What are you waiting for?

Join The Helpful Counselor’s Facebook groups ASAP! There’s one for play therapy and counseling activities and one for counseling books, and there’s also a group for me to pick my readers’ brains and share freebies.

So you might be asking yourself what a half million readers checked out while they visited The Helpful Counselor…to satisfy that curiosity and to share the top tips of 2016, I whipped up a list of the top 16 posts for 2016.

There are over 200 ideas in the posts below. Some provide insight into the triggers of certain behaviors, while others provide practical activities that you can put into place right away.

Whether you are looking for a great book or if you are starting your internship, I am sure you will find something helpful!

Click the image to check out the posts!

#1 – 18 Coping Skills for Kids & Teens

18 Coping Activities


#2 How to End the On-Again-Off-Again Friendship Cycle

#3 – 36 Must-Have Experiences for School Counseling Interns

36 Things to do during your school counseling internship to help you land a job!

#4 – Time Management Tips for School Counselors

Time Management for School Counselors (1)

#5 – School Counselor Welcome Back Newsletter

School Counselor Welcome Back Newsletter

#6 – 20 Tips to Ease School Anxiety

#7 – 11 Tips for Working with Strong-Willed Children


#8 – 75 Causes of Anger in Children

#9 – 20 Things to Say to Help an Angry Child

20 things to say to help angry kids (1)

#10 – 20 Inside Out Clips to Teach Kids About Feelings

20+ Inside Out Video Clips

#11 – 35 Ways to Help an Angry Kid

35 Ways to help an angry kid

#12 – 20 Counseling Themes Found in Inside Out

Inside Out Themes

#13 – School Counselor Must-Dos for the Begining of the Year

Beginning of the Year Must Dos for School Counselors Twitter-min

#14 – 20+ Counseling Themes in Star Wars: The Force Awakens


#15 Advertise Your  Program with a School Counseling Brochure

#16 – 10 Great Anger Management Books for Kids

I love connecting with and learning from other counselors…so don’t hesitate to share your thoughts in the comments or this survey! 🙂






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